V56 E-Liquids Shortfill 50ml with free nic shot

8 Balls Ltd

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Banana Split ...Bananas, cream & more bananas. Remember the foam banana sweets? 

Blueberry Muffin ...Soft & warm blueberry muffin, straight out of the oven.

Caramel Latte...Sweet caramel mixed in a frothy latte. That morning coffee you can vape all day.

Cereal...A rich honey graham cereal, with a light milk undertone.

Cherry Bomb ...Fizzy cherryade from the happy shopper days.

Cinnamon Bake ... A freshly baked cinnamon danish topped with fresh blueberries.

Energy Drink ...

Won't give you wings but tastes just like your favourite energy drink.
Gingerbread ...Run, Run as fast as you can... now you can vape a gingerbread.
Strawberry & Cream ...Exactly what it says on the bottle. Strawberries and cream.
Heisenberg ...Heisenberg is no secret, but our recipe is... can you guess what we have added to this sought after flavour.
Lemonade ...Bitter but sweet old fashioned lemonade, brought back from the 70's
Mango Tango ...A refreshingly sweet mango cocktail, fruit & fizz.
Lychee Fizz ...Ripe lychee flavoured lemonade, a more subtle vape but still full of flavour.
Pina Colada ...A sweet cocktail made with pineapple juice and coconut. 
Fizzy cola bottles ...The old pic 'n' mix favourite, fizzy cola bottles.
RY-4 ...Caramel, vanilla and tobacco cleverly blended together, creating a creamy all day vape.

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