*** Cheap Thrills 50ml Short Fill 2 For £25 Deal

Cheap Thrills Juice Co

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These Flavours are anything but Cheap and everything about the Thrill which will leave you coming back for more !! 


This glorious glazed doughnut, “fills every hole” and turns every saint into a sinner!! Lovingly prepared, freshly baked doughnut, smothered in a warm sugar frosted glaze with a hint of blueberry! A perfect sweet, soft ring of bliss. We dare you to try and not lick your lips !


In this vape, first you get the apple... then you get the watermelon... THEN you get the strawberry!! Carefully blended together, these refreshingly luscious flavours are so intense even Mr Montana would be proud of their purity...! Get the Yayo! Get the Rush!

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