There are plenty of e-cigarette suppliers out there, right? Some of them manufacturers with extortionate prices, some so cheap you wonder how good the product is.  We have seen some batteries literally fall apart, Clearomizers that leak for no reason!

IdealVape prides itself on only supplying good quality products that are well made and reliable at a sensible prices with excellent service.

We go to great lengths to find out what quality of lithium cells make up our eGo batteries, what quality controls and end product testing the factory has in place.  We make sure our ego batteries adhere to the European regulations on quality having been CE Approved and RoHS compliant.

When we supply eliquid we ensure that the ingredients are fit for human consumption using only pharmaceutical grade Nicotine and food grade ingredients and that the product meets the new EU CHIP regulatory compliance. Just lately we added Atmos Labs of Greece to our product portfolio.  This is in our opinion the best E-Liquid manufacturer in the world, ok its just our opinion but in addition to their range of great products & Flavours, they guarantee a quality, safety and consistency that is like no other we know.  

They are the only E-Liquid Manufacturer to have been involved with the biggest ever Study on Toxicology & Electronic Cigarettes ever conducted world wide.  This research has been carried out by the University of Greece and has already identified two components in E-Liquid which are carcinogens, the components that can cause cancer.  Atmos labs do not have these elements in them and their liquids are batch tested monthly to guarantee that by the University of Greece. 

Our customers can be rest assured knowing that there isn't anything in it that shouldn't be in it and that the facility its made in has met high cleanliness standards. 

We wish to remain in this exciting industry by building a brand name associated with quality and one you can trust.